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Mission of Grata Accounting

Our Vision

We aim to be your consultant of choice, to demonstrate professional capability and bring excellence to all our value based services and support.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide you, our clients, with a comprehensive and consultative approach, designing tailormade service programs that exactly meet your needs. We aim to be your preferred specialist in accounting, tax, payroll and general administration.

With proven experience in our field, and with an extensive and diverse client base, we support our clients in understanding and applying the legislative requirements of the Republic of Kazakhstan and ensure your business operates successfully and in compliance with the law.

We offer a comprehensive, professional and competent service, with over 20 years of experience and an established professional network in locations where clients need us.

Our values:

1. Our professional competence
We have significant experience and extensive knowledge in the field of accounting and taxation which enables us to provide our customers with value based, quality services and tailored solutions.

2. Reputation:
Our reputation helps us build long-term partnerships with our customers and business associates.

3. Customer Focused Approach:
Based on our long-standing practice, knowledge of our customers business and needs, we aim to offer a tailored customer strategy, which coordinates many different functions, skills, and best practices.

4. Professional Team:
Our staff are our company's most valuable asset. We recognise that the success of each individual employee drives the success of the company. We support and appreciate the contribution of each employee and encourage our team to develop professionally.

5. Competence:
Our local competence is our strength. The team's experience, training and certification result in assurance of our capability. The professional and dedicated approach of our staff in solving tasks allows our clients to benefit from capable help and appropriate solutions to specific business challenges.

6. Partnership:
We adhere to the principles of teamwork and collaboration. Only through joint efforts do we believe it is possible to achieve the required results and a longterm productive partnership.