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Reconstruction of financial accounts in Almaty

Reconstruction of FA.

The procedures for this type of services will be performed by means of reflecting the data of primary documents and reports provided by the client in the following sections of accounting in the 1C-Accounting database:

  • short-term assets;
  • long-term assets;
  • short-term liabilities;
  • long-term liabilities;
  • equity;
  • revenues;
  • expenditures;
  • production accounting records.

In the course of recovery procedures will be formed:

  • relevant reports for all sections of accounting;
  • reconciliation statements with debtors and creditors;
  • cashbooks;
  • advance statements;
  • reference books of exchange rates, fixed assets, inventory, etc. in software;
  • financial statements (balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement, statement of changes in equity).
  • When necessary, we offer our assistance in reconstruction of primary documentation (for a current account, for cash account, for settlements with debtors and creditors, accountable persons).