Payroll accounting

This type of service involves payroll accounting on the basis of data and information received from the client (individual labor agreement, time-sheets, staff schedules, orders for hiring and dismissal, order on granting vacations, etc.).

Salary calculation is possible using various approaches and methods, including «reverse» charges, when under the terms of an ILA, the amount of wages received by the employee on his hands after deduction of all taxes and deductions is provided.

The employees of our company can calculate the amount of leave allowances, compensations for unused labor leave, temporary disability benefits (according to sick leave certificates), etc. In addition, a package of documents necessary for transferring wages can be prepared: payment orders with lists for cashless transfers, payroll sheets or remuneration statements for cash withdrawals.


As may be necessary, remuneration statements and certificates of income on each employee for any period of time can be prepared.