Maintenance of tax and accounting records

Maintenance of accounting records (partial / full, National Organization for Financial Accounting and Reporting Standards / IFRS, LLP, Branches, Representative Offices).

Full Accounting

Maintenance of Company’s Accounting Records for your convenience is done with the aid of 1C: Accounting software in our company’s office that provides limited access to financial documents and a professional approach to the preparation of Financial Statements. This work will include the implementation of all accounting processes and services, the maintenance of account ledgers and books, implementation of daily routine work that is usually done by accountants in a company. In case of Full Accounting the client gives an order and makes a decision, while all the functional duties of the Accounting Unit will be performed by the staff of our company. Within the deadlines which have been agreed with the client or immediately upon request, our company will provide all the necessary information, data and details.

Performing all the functions of the Accounting Unit, we provide you with high-quality services at a professional level that will help management:

Partial Accounting

This type of services implies that maintenance of accounting records will be carried out with consideration to the delimitation of certain functional duties between the personnel of Grata Accounting and the client. These relationships can be built as follows: the collection and preparation of all primary accounting documents (cash and bank documents, issued invoices, bills authorizing receipt and internal transportation of goods and materials, time-sheets, staff schedules, etc.) can be carried out by employees of your company. In return, our company will carry out full or partial processing of the submitted documents, for example, payroll accounting, calculation of depreciation of fixed assets and intangible assets, posting of primary documents to accounting records for the formation of financial statements and other transactions as may be agreed. Our responsibilities will also include the preparation and submission of statistical and other statements to the governmental bodies.

Maintenance of Tax Records

The Experts of our company offer the following services for maintenance of tax records from the moment of registration of the company with the justice authorities and later in the course of financial and economic activities: